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Rho Delta Chi was established on January 17, 1991 as the first Asian American sorority at the University of California, Riverside. The sorority was formed by fourteen women to unitefemales of different backgrounds through the bonds of sisterhood and to provide services in the best interests of the community as well as the university. Our founding mothers of the alpha chapter chose the letters ΡΔΧ in hopes of bringing harmony among all ethnicities.


Through sisterhood, Rho Delta Chi hopes to nurture personal growth and self esteem as well as provide an environment for social interaction. Every chapter for our sorority offers scholarships and study guides which aid in academic achievement. Older sisters are always there to guide and help new members adjust to college life. From tutoring to just having a friend to hang out with, we have a sisterhood that creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. Through our philanthropy and other related activities, we hope to increase Asian awareness and to assist communities in need. Our national philanthropy includes the American Lung Association. We partner up with them every semester in order to help raise funds and educate others on various lung diseases. We host events such as fundraisers, formals, socials, and retreats in order to gain more knowledge about our community. Rho Delta Chi helps balance all these interests to give our members a more rich and rewarding experience throughout their college career and beyond.


MOTTO: Together as one, striving for excellence 
PILLARS: Sisterhood, Scholastics, Service, and Social
COLORS: Dusty rose and teal green
SYMBOL: A heart with a halo over the left side
MASCOT: A white dove 
FLOWER: A white rose with red trim


"Rho Delta Chi hopes to unite females of different backgrounds through the bonds of sisterhood and to provide services in the best interests of the community as well as the university."
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