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Expansion is the process of adding another chapter to Rho Delta Chi. Rho Delta Chi has established a tradition of quality, distinction, and sisterhood since 1991. We encourage all women who share our same ideals to unite with us in extending our sisterhood to other universities! 

Our sisterhood does not discriminate against any race or ethnicity. We are proud of our diversity, because that is what makes us unique. We gladly welcome and encourage all seriously interested individuals to inquire about our organization.

Why should you start Rho Delta Chi at your school? Although Rho Delta Chi is a small sorority, we are expanding rapidly. You can have an integral part in creating a difference on your campus by not just staring a chapter of Rho, but by shaping what Rho Delta Chi can stand for in your community. 

If you notice that there is a lack of voice for the Asian and minority population on your campus, Rho Delta Chi can help establish that voice. By starting a chapter, your are able to reach out to other women on campus and help them fight for they believe in. This allows you to also network with others around you as well as gain lifelong friends in the process.


You will be able to exercise your leadership skills, volunteer within your community and get others to actively help and participate as well, and grow as person by becoming more culturally aware and being able to work with a diverse group of women. You will also gain an extensive network with alumnae and other sisters all across the U.S. that can help you in more than just your future endeavors. Joining Rho Delta Chi is something we cannot simply explain because it's an experience unlike any other where you actually have to be a part of. 

If you would like to start your legacy at Rho Delta Chi, please contact our Chapterization Representative and include your name, email, and school for us to send you full details on how you can create a new chapter for Rho. 

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