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Rho Delta Chi was established on January 17, 1991 as the first Asian American 
sorority at the University of California, Riverside. Our founding mothers of the alpha chapter chose the Greek letters ΡΔΧ in hopes of bringing harmony among all ethnicities. This also represents the symbolic representation of PAX which means “peace” in Latin. Our founding mothers include 14 courageous women who wanted to unite females of different backgrounds through the bonds of sisterhood and to provide services in the best interests of their community and university. They saw a lack of community not only within the Asian female population, but for the minority female population as a whole. 
These 14 women were: Miss Kathy Bak, Miss Janet Fukuhara, Miss Kim Hirano, Miss Christine Ige Shimane, Miss Sue Lee, Miss Jackie Phaphui, Miss Christine Sato Yamazaki, Miss Jina Song, Miss Mina Song, Miss Stephanie Tanaka Chang, Miss Stephanie Uchida Lee, Miss Lana Wong, and Miss Min Yi Kim
With what started with only fourteen women, our sorority now consists of over 300 sisters across the U.S. We have expanded to over 6 chapters and are still continuing to grow. 
In the year of 2016, Rho Delta Chi established a national philanthropy. We are proud to be working with the American Lung Association (ALA). Please click over to our philanthropy page to find out more information about the ALA and how you can help. 
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